"When I walk into Neil's studio, I feel like I have been transported onto a space station dock located on my long lost planet. We connected over our views on neurodiversity, science, tech and all things art. His pieces are as gorgeous as they are fascinating. Each one taking you on a journey."
- Cass Louise, Artist and Photographer

I love the idea of my studio being a space station. It's a place where I can explore ideas and encourage inks and pigments to bleed, blend, and run amok. My process encourages this irreverent behavior. The results might be curious landscapes, imaginary beasties, or scientifically accurate molecular structures.

It's no surprise that I'm inspired by the exciting and timely nexus of art, science, and technology. Shapes from nature, themes from neurobiology, observations of light, constructs of western abstraction and the geometries of Asian color fields all energize my work. Sometimes flights of fantasy cannot be denied. The ongoing series 'Curious Maps of Impossible Places' nods to landscapes that simply cannot be.

I am fortunate to have a wide audience that includes private collectors, biotech, healthcare, and universities. I am delighted when working with interior designers, curators, and architects.

During my last pre-pandemic solo exhibit, "Can't Hide the Sun with One Finger," I encouraged gallery visitors to be disruptive. I handed them a sharpie and had them draw on several of my artworks and surrounding walls. Hesitation turned to joy as they made their marks. This has turned into an ongoing and emmensely fun practice in both my studio and artworks hanging in an exhibit. Yup!

Similarly, I encourage client input and have customized their artworks with everything from neural networks to their favorite cat.