I pull my inspiration from the exciting and timely nexus of art, science, and technology. Shapes from nature, themes from neurobiology, observations of light, constructs of western abstraction and the geometries of Asian color fields all energize my work. Sometimes flights of fantasy cannot be denied. The ongoing series 'Curious Maps of Impossible Places' nods to landscapes that simply cannot be.

Originals and Translations
Whether the work is abstract or representational, analog or digital, my creative process is the same and encourages cross-pollination between the four. Each piece is born of traditional media. A finished work is often scanned and recomposed in the digital domain. A printed 'translation' of the original is next. These translations are finished, again with traditional media, and become a member of a limited edition.

Water makes inks and pigments bleed, blend, and run amok. My process encourages this irreverent behavior. First I flood water and pigment across a horizontal unprimed canvas. I add shapes and lines with paint and ink, layer upon layer. The idea is to coax lines, colors, and shapes into associations that are sometimes realistic representation of animals, or perhaps imaginary objects, or scientifically accurate molecular structures – all inhabiting fanciful abstracted landscapes.