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Fifty Bad Beasts
"Paint 50 six-inch square paintings in 50 days." That's the idea behind the Sanchez Art Center's '50 x 50' exhibit. I was accepted by curator Jack Fischer (Jack Fischer Gallery, SF) to participate in 2017. I hired 50 small beasts to model for my paintings. I shouldn't have.

(Left) Setting up in one of the exhibit spaces.   (Right) Finished 'beasts' on display.

Why I Shouldn't Have Hired Them
They were each asked to choose, and hold up (or lick, or step on) a specific color swatch. When viewed all together the swatches were to represent the hues of the color wheel (see image below right). Instead they all chose gold -- thinking its intrinsic value would somehow increase their personal wealth. Greedy little nasties.

(Left) Opening night reception     (Right) Beasts with their gold swatches.

Let's Look at Eight of 'Em
Some of them are aware of their erroneous choice and are gloating about it. I regret paying them anything.

Some of them are laughing because they think it's funny to ignore instructions.

Eight More
They pretended to have language comprehension difficulties and misunderstood my instructions. Nope. They all write blogs in multiple languages about the benefits of a greedy lifestyle.

Another Group
The first creature below (top left) has one hot foot and one cold. It smells like frozen burnt rice. Keep screens on your windows so the ones that fly can't get in.

And Some More...
Even if they offer to work for free, don't hire them.

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