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Ascent of Joanna the Mad
  • Ascent of Joanna the Mad
  • Layered Glass Wall Image Possibilities: Molecules, Infographic, Process, Branding
    Conference Room Wall [Prototype]
  • Map of How to Feel Good on Wednesday [Detail]
  • Strong Asian Influence...
    Bird Awaits Moon and Spider Plant
  • Neurobiology Series
    Glutamate Koan [Detail]
  • Lanikai
  • Map of Ridiculous Shapes [Detail]
  • Neurobiology Series
    GABA Dreamtime [Detail]
  • Moon Plant [Detail]
  • Map to the Night Sky [Detail]
  • Map of Tiny Ideas [Detail]
Below are details of illuminated 3D work on plexiglass. Click the video to see animation in 'Biology' section.
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